Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Quick Peek!

Yesterday I decided to forego cleaning, painting and anything else that needed to get done. I NEEDED to SEW! Sew, I did! I am working on quilts for Christmas presents  One for oldest son and wife and one for granddaughter.

This is the start of son Richard and wife Rose quilt. I got the pieces cut and first seams all pieced. Now I need to cut those apart and re-piece. The pattern is Yellow Brick Road by Terry Atkinson.
They wanted Black, white and red and I think it will look awesome in this pattern.

Here is a peek at the fabrics for granddaughter, Rachels's quilt. Her bedroom is that bright green and eggplant. She liked these flannel fabrics, so whats a grandma to do but give her what she likes.

I choose the black for the background. I can't remember the pattern I will use but the black is really going to make those colors pop!

Here is just a sneak peek at my Therapy (sewing) room.

More to come!

Today is my birthday so maybe I can sneak some more sewing in before we all go out to dinner.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

Piece and Hugs

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wild n' Crazy

A quick post to let you know I did not fall into the paint pan and die. Painting of walls is complete. I still have some painting to do of trim. It is coming along slow.

It has been wild here since Father's Day. That is the start of our "birthday season". It starts with the hubby guy Mel,  daughter in law Sara, god daughter Ashlee, my aunt, oldest son Richard, grandson Alex, Paula (me), my 4 best friends from high school, my neighbor, daughter in law Rose, and last but least my friend Sondra. Whew! I need to buy stock in Hallmark!

Add to this that my uncle has been in the hospital twice in the last two weeks. Congestive heart failure and kidney failure. He is back at Assisied Living but Palative Care has become involed and is a wonderful help.

Like so many places around the country, it has been very hot here. I am so thankful for air conditioning but I will be thankful when we can open windows and get some cool frsh air in here. We took a 3 day trip in the RV to northern Wisconsin trying to fine some of that cool fresh air.....didn't happen. It was a good get away even though. We even came upon a Quilt Shop I did not know about. Can you believe that??? Quilt Haven in Menominee,MI.. What a delightful shop. Very friendly, clean and even the customers were friendly. One customer was telling me about their Guild and wanted to come to the meeting that week. I could not make it since we only planned a 3 day trip and then uncle went into the hospital while we were gone. Anyway, I loved the shop. I didn't really NEED anything but , well, you know, we "Need" to buy something. I found some paper piecing patterns , the Guilds Cookbook and a few FQ's. At the check out I was told it was their birthday celebration and to reach into the basket, pull out a slip of paper to get a percentage off my purchase. I got....25% off. I was thrilled.

I will be back and I promise to show pictures of my" Therapy Room".