Friday, September 21, 2012

The Last Day & Questions

Today is the last day of summer. I can't say I will miss those endless HOT days we had. I much prefer cooler weather. Tomorrow we will welcome in Autumn. The leaves are changing color and starting to fall. I love to go for walks in the forest and hear the crunch of the dried leaves. Oh, and the smell. Autumn has wonderful smells. Not just the leaves but now our diets turn to those comfort foods. Stews, soups, casseroles and not to mention the baked goods.....pies, cakes, strudels and puddings. What wonderful delights autumn brings with it.

This Sunday will be going camping for a week with friends. On Sunday we will meet up with Steve and Karen at High Cliff State Park. Then on Thursday we will move north to Boulder Lake and meet up with friends Pete and Jeannie. It should be a fun week. Karen and I have many things planned. I am going to show her how to paper piece. She is fiber artist. Has many looms and makes wonderful rugs, blankets and towels. She also has an antique sock machine and makes the most wonderful, warm socks. We love her socks. Check out her esty shop here:
She spins her own yarn and dyes it also.

We will also check out many re-sale shops, quilt shops and cook. We have some pretty good menu's in the planning going on.

 Boulder Lake is away from everything. We will stock up before heading there to meet with Pete and Jeannie. It will a nice quite week-end, sitting around the campfire and probably more eating.

Not much sewing going on. I did manage to get the black, white and red quilt pieced together last Thursday. It was raining so I headed down to my Therapy Room and sewed the day away. I tired to get pictures of the quilt so far. I laid it on the floor, took a picture. Stood on a chair and took a picture. They just were not coming out right. Here is a look at what I got.

Another view from atop  the chair.

I will be adding a 6" border all around in black. It will be queen size. The pattern is Yellow Brick Road. I just love the way this turned out so far.

I have been having some problems with my longarm. First I had big loopies on the bottom so I increased the top tension. Then I had loopies on the top and I backed off my top tension. Now I have little bitty loopies on both top and bottom. I think I know the! Well, actually, I think we need to re-level the frame. I did notice that the machine moves when I stop to the right. I am thinking that when the kids moved out, they moved the frame and machine out of the way and now it needs to be re-leveled.

Has anyone been having problems using Warm & Natural batting? At the quilt shop the other day it was brought up that a couple of the long arm quilter's are having problems using that batting. Someone said with the price of cotton going up they changed the product and they have more poly in the base that the cotton is put into. Many are using Hobbs Tuscany Collection and they love it. What do you use?

I will be back with more soon. Hoping to be able to post some while we are camping.

Piece and Hugs!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We have a WINNER!

It already has been a long day. Hubby guy had Doctor appointments today. All is well and he is healing nicely.

It was time to pick a winner. I have to say I sure was surprised at how fast I got to 5oo views, but, I was also kind of disappointed in only 5 entries. I don't need to use the random generator for this. I just wrote eveyone's name on a piece of paper and put them into a bowl.

I had to stir them up. Did you get dizzy?

Then I had to grab one.


Oh wait.  have to tellyou about Monday night. A small group of quilter's met at Michelle's house.
We talked quilting, currents events, health situtations and ate the most wonderful lemon cake. We had a small show and tell.

Kay joined in to a Shoebox Swap through our local quilt shop.  Each person picks their fabics and fills a shoebox. The shoebox gets passed around to 12 other people during a 12 month time period. When you recieve a shoebox you make a 12 1/2" block with the fabric the person has chosen. At the end of 12 months you have 12 blocks to finish into a quilt. Here is Kay's....

She is still working on the binding. Isn't it beautiful? I loved the colors she choose.

Sharon is making a quilt as you go qiult. Here is what she has done so far. Again, I love the fabrics.
I can't wait to see it done!

Mary was busy also.

Isn't that adorable? I love it.

She also made 2 quilts using the Jelly Roll race pattern. She cut her own strips and sewed them as you would in the jelly roll races.

Those will make nice Christams presents. No one wanted their picture taken but I got you, Mary! ( and Bonnie's head!)

It was a nice evening.

So on with the drumroll...............


Congratulations Melissa! I will email you for your information.

I wish I could have choosen each and every one of you. Maybe, sometime down the road I will do this again and then you can win! ;)

Thanks for playing along.

Piece and Hugs!


Sunday, September 9, 2012


I didn't get to my blog till today and what a surprise to see over over 500 views. I didn't expect that till later in the week. Thank you for all the wonderful comments.WOW!

Well, let's move on to what is in the box.... that is why you are here, right?

A quilter's tote bag. The latest issue of McCall's Quilting magazine. A Simply Minnesota pattern book. It is from the Minnesota Shop Hop (have 2) and it has some really nice patterns in it. It is from An awesome quilt shop and all the patterns are by them.


Dang! The picture turned and I can't get it to turn back! Well, you will just have to turn your head and tomorrow you can go see your friendly massage person. Anyway, here is  the Easy Dresden Ruler by Darlene Zimmerman. I love this ruler. Making Dresden's is so easy and so fun with this.  Yipes! Stripes! by Susie Weaver. It is pattern to use with striped batiks and almost looks like a log cabin design. Actually, I think any striped fabric would work. I saw the finished quilt in a shop in Casa Grande, AZ., it was awesome. Over the River #434 by Country Threads is a Winter pattern. A 30x41, perhaps a wall hanging or just a small quilt to throw over the back of a chair of sofa. Have you tried those Wonder Clips??? Oh my! You are going to love these. It is a 10 piece pack and I know once you try them you will be buying more!

Here we have a roll of Triangles on a Roll. 800 half square triangle blocks to make a 2" finished square. In the Chinese take out box is a Chilly Snowman Candle Mat.(10") I picked a few of these up Texas. I made 2 of them. Everything is included in the box. They are so cute. Thread! Neutral colored thread that we can all use. Two spools. A Charm Pack of Bliss. We all love Bliss...Don't we?  A whole bunch of 5" squares from Robert Kaufman called chick-a-dee.

So now you have seen what I have to offer. Want it? Well here are my really strick rules....
You can become a follower, only if you want too! Not required
You can clean my house for a month, only if you want too!
You can take me out for lobster, only if you want too!

Seriously, all you need to do is..... leave a comment and tell me your favorite part of your sewing room... and you have to have a US address.  That's it. Easy peasy!

I will draw a number (name) on Wednesday, September 12, 2012.
Please, only leave one comment and  make sure I have way to contact you.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Rehab Room and a closer look

I didn't get back here yesterday. Another crazy day but here I am now.

Onward we go with a view of my sewing area.

Sew, this is where I create. This desk is a leftover from my son. The gray and black are what started my theme with those colors for accents. I love it for sewing. I positioned my machine in the middle so that I would have work space on my right and pressing space on my left. I made the little pressing board about 2years ago. While traveling in our RV during the winters I use it while sewing. A simple board, some batting, ( Insul-Bright, poly and Warm and Natural) fabric and staples. I also attached a cutting mat to the back but removed it. It caused the board to slide while ironing. Here is close up.

Next is my cutting area.

I got this cabinet from a friend about 2 years ago. I had started to paint it black, hence the black drawer, when son and new wife moved in. It got stored away till now. I will get that finished as soon as I have all my cutting done for my Christmas gifts. The laundry basket collects all my scraps. The erase board will be mounted on the wall and used for cutting directions. I will write down the cutting directions and as I finish I will erase that direction. An idea I got from a magazine. See those containers. They have projects in them. About 5 of them. Behind that door is more! I keep my embroidery hoops in there. Next to it I have this.

I keep my cutting mats and rulers in this. I store my hoops next to the cabinet. Hang measuring tapes from pegs. That cord hanging down is for my phone. I keep it on the floor. I don't need a phone cluttering up my desk. I have more important things to put on it.

Across from my desk is this.

I should have taken a better picture! Anyway, it is a sink! The people we bought the house from used this as a bar sink. This room was an office for their travel business. Why did they need a "bar" sink? Did they drink and schedule travel trips? I am waiting for my hubby guy to recover from his surgery and then remove the sink and top. I want a flat gray counter top and then I will paint the cabinet black. I can use this as another cutting area or an area to audition fabric or probably just to collect stuff! Behind the glass door is my laundry room, which by the way, has another sink just inside the door. Also, behind that wall is a half bath, which also has a sink! You can see my drying rack. This where I put fabric for projects that I working on. Another laundry basket that hold some of the small quilts I made this past winter.

Moving on....

This is another pressing area for those big jobs! This is a table topper I am making for a friend and waiting to quilt.  If you look at the "sink"photo you will see the room jets in. So what you are seeing way back there is a 2 man Jacuzzi whirlpool tub. Another wonderful thing the previous owners added. NOT! I could not understand why they added the tub in an open area. Do you suppose they drank, hot tubbed it, all while making travel plans for clients???  LOL! The door way to the right of the tub is the half bath. I keep the Jacuzzi covered up with this.

I will be painting the front panel to match the walls.

I found this quilt at a garage sale in a FREE box. The ducky family loves it.

Looking from the back of the room to the stairs, where we started.

So, I know you are wondering ...where is her long arm and were does she keep her fabric. Haha! Well, after much ado I left the longarm in the area of the basement where I have it set up among the kids remaining furniture and boxes. Why? It really took up a lot space in the Rehab room and made it feel small and cluttered. So it is behind the door on the right. I will NOT take a picture of that area. No,no, no! With all the stuff  and mess I have I will not show you my "dirty" side. LOL!
About that fabric. Well I pondered and pondered how I want to store my fabric and where. Then, hubby guy and I were at an Estate sale and low behold a vision came before me. I bought 2 shelved cabinets and put them in the closet. ( the door to the left) 

This is looking back out to the door of the closet. These 2 cabinets hold my stash which at this time has not been organized. The fish tanks are more of my sons things. He has 5 of them in that closet! Along with all the stands for them. He said he would get them out a month ago and I am still waiting. After they leave I will move MY cabinets closer to the door and then put my bookcase with all those quilting books and magazines in there also.

Oh! I have to tell you bout this...

This was my highchair. I didn't know it was still around. When my Aunt and Uncle were moving into an apartment she gave it to me. When I got to big for it my dad gave it her for my cousin to use. She had it stored in her basement. I had gone to help them pack and move things when she gave it me. I was thrilled. I had something from my past! You see, our home burnt down in 1998 and everything I had from my past was gone! So, this is really special to me.  The teddy bear on it I got from a friend when we lost our home and I made the little quilt this past winter. I lost my dolls in that fire and how I wish I had one of them to put in that highchair. Maybe young son and wife will have a child and I can share it and pass it on. How cool would that be??

So there you have it...a look into my life in the Rehab Room. I hope you enjoyed your visit and will come back real soon.

Oh wait, you say you want another peak at the give away....... Here we go..

I do have a few more things to add so...PLEASE blog about it, tell your friends. When I hit 500 views I will share more and have the giveaway. The more people that enter the more fun it will be.



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello Houston, We have a Problem!

We had a terrible storm come through last night. I spent the day cleaning up our yard. We had a tree top come down along with 3 other huge limbs. My neighbors are wonderful. They know Mel just had that surgery so they pitched in to help. Ye, came over with his chainsaw and cut up the huge  limbs. Meryl and Betty loaded up there trailer and hauled 2 huge Loads to the Yard Waste Site. We still have 2 more loads to go.
I will continue my Rehab Room Show tomorrow. Right now I am off to the shower and then relax. Probably need some Tylenol too. I am sore!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Rehan Room & Peek at the GIVEAWAY!

Well, here it is so far...My Rehab Room. (aka: sewing room)

It is in our basement. Coming down the stairs this what you see ...

It is a large room...20 x 12. It was totally white. I had planned to paint it about a year ago but our son and new wife moved in to save money for a house. They found one last December. I had to move my sewing room to the laundry room while they were here. This was the room they used for a living room. We each needed our own space so murder would not occur! LOL!

After you enter the room to left is this.

Between the bookshelf and high chair my tv will go.  Right now my tv cabinet is buried in the other part of the basement behind boxes and furniture the above mentioned couple have not moved yet. Why is it that when you asked your children when they will move the rest of their belongings, they look at you like you are from outer space with the "how dare you" look on their face?   Once I can manage to get the cabinet out the bookcase will be moved to the left some.

To the right is this....

Believe it or this dresser I keep all my supplies. Patterns, bobbins, extra pins, template material, freezer paper, scissors, rotary cutter blades and whatever else I may need. The framed cross stitch is from a friend. She thought it would look good in my room. The walls are still bare as I figure out just what I want to put up and where. After all, I do all those little quilts I made this past winter and I do want to hang them on the walls. The door you see goes to a closet.

Looking to the right side of the room

I have a sitting area to do hand sewing or watch tv. ..someday! LOL! The chairs don't match because , well, I am quilter. I need that money for fabric! Actually I am looking for cushions for the glider. No luck so far.

See that box on the glider. It holds what I have put together so far for the giveaway. Tomorrow I will show you the rest of my Rehab Room and a closer look at that giveaway. Tell your friends. Blog about it. You are going to love it, I promise.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Recovery & Giveaway info.

The test were done and surgery was a go. The surgery went well and the blockage was removed. Recovery did not go so well. In the recovery room he had a phase that he felt he could not breath. He wanted to sit up but they would not let him. Blood pressure issues, I believe. Actually he would not be allowed to sit up for 6 hours. I knew that after a heart cath  that you had to lay flat but I did not know that after carotid artery surgery you also had to lay. That little booklet they give you does not tell you that! Anyway, once he got to his room he was quite agitated. Anesthetic affects everyone differently. He had agitation and then panic attacks. He never had a panic attack before. I have never seen one before and I don't ever want to see or have one again. A horrible and scary event to say the least. Once he was able to sit up and have some dinner he was feeling so much better. He has about a 5 inch incision on the side of his neck. The doctor said it would swell up and get hard and last for 4-6 weeks. Boy does it swell up! He came home the next day and he was so glad to be home.
A week before his surgery our friends from Oconto, WI came to visit and it was also a recovery time for Steve. He had knee surgery. They stayed here for the 9 days following his surgery. That was a good thing. You see, Steve and Karen also have an RV and actually it is the same as ours. Mel and Steve talked RV's and it keep Mel's mind off of his upcoming surgery. Steve could not sit still though. He asked Mel what needed to be done on our rig and off he went to do whatever needed to be done. We got a lot of work done on our rig along with applying a roof coating. Steve and Karen worked in the heat of the day scrubbing our roof on the rig, re-caulking and apply the new roof coating. I was also stressing about the upcoming surgery and Karen, bless her heart, did the most of our menu planning and cooking. The day of surgery they held down the fort for us while doing more work on our rig. Before they left we managed to sneak and hide some money into their tow car for helping us. No matter how hard we tried to give them money they refused so our only other choice was to hide some some where. Thanks so much Karen and Steve for all your help, hard work and being the support we truly needed. Our family was also a great support.

Well all that being said...What's new on the quilting front. I prepped some hexagons for a new project and started to work on those. I love to have handwork to do while watching tv or sitting around surgery waiting rooms. LOL! Thankfully I do not do the latter often. I am still working on my Christmas projects.

So about that giveaway I spoke of last time. I am putting it all together and I decided that when I get up to 500 views it will be giveaway time. So, tell your friends, tell your neighbors and your surgeons.
You can become a follower, if you want. You can post it on Facebook, if you want. You can share it however you want but you do not have to anything special to enter once I post the giveaway. Since I am totally new to this, I will only offer it to USA shipping addresses. I will pay the shipping. I say that because I have a friend that won a giveaway. She emailed her address to the person having the giveaway and then was told how much shipping was. She HAD to send a check for shipping before she got the prize!

Stay tuned while I watch the counter!

Happy Labor Day!