Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello Houston, We have a Problem!

We had a terrible storm come through last night. I spent the day cleaning up our yard. We had a tree top come down along with 3 other huge limbs. My neighbors are wonderful. They know Mel just had that surgery so they pitched in to help. Ye, came over with his chainsaw and cut up the huge  limbs. Meryl and Betty loaded up there trailer and hauled 2 huge Loads to the Yard Waste Site. We still have 2 more loads to go.
I will continue my Rehab Room Show tomorrow. Right now I am off to the shower and then relax. Probably need some Tylenol too. I am sore!

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  1. Was it remnants from Isaac? We had terrible storms on Sunday evening ... same deal. Glad you're safe and sound -- rest well!!! :)