Friday, September 7, 2012

Rehab Room and a closer look

I didn't get back here yesterday. Another crazy day but here I am now.

Onward we go with a view of my sewing area.

Sew, this is where I create. This desk is a leftover from my son. The gray and black are what started my theme with those colors for accents. I love it for sewing. I positioned my machine in the middle so that I would have work space on my right and pressing space on my left. I made the little pressing board about 2years ago. While traveling in our RV during the winters I use it while sewing. A simple board, some batting, ( Insul-Bright, poly and Warm and Natural) fabric and staples. I also attached a cutting mat to the back but removed it. It caused the board to slide while ironing. Here is close up.

Next is my cutting area.

I got this cabinet from a friend about 2 years ago. I had started to paint it black, hence the black drawer, when son and new wife moved in. It got stored away till now. I will get that finished as soon as I have all my cutting done for my Christmas gifts. The laundry basket collects all my scraps. The erase board will be mounted on the wall and used for cutting directions. I will write down the cutting directions and as I finish I will erase that direction. An idea I got from a magazine. See those containers. They have projects in them. About 5 of them. Behind that door is more! I keep my embroidery hoops in there. Next to it I have this.

I keep my cutting mats and rulers in this. I store my hoops next to the cabinet. Hang measuring tapes from pegs. That cord hanging down is for my phone. I keep it on the floor. I don't need a phone cluttering up my desk. I have more important things to put on it.

Across from my desk is this.

I should have taken a better picture! Anyway, it is a sink! The people we bought the house from used this as a bar sink. This room was an office for their travel business. Why did they need a "bar" sink? Did they drink and schedule travel trips? I am waiting for my hubby guy to recover from his surgery and then remove the sink and top. I want a flat gray counter top and then I will paint the cabinet black. I can use this as another cutting area or an area to audition fabric or probably just to collect stuff! Behind the glass door is my laundry room, which by the way, has another sink just inside the door. Also, behind that wall is a half bath, which also has a sink! You can see my drying rack. This where I put fabric for projects that I working on. Another laundry basket that hold some of the small quilts I made this past winter.

Moving on....

This is another pressing area for those big jobs! This is a table topper I am making for a friend and waiting to quilt.  If you look at the "sink"photo you will see the room jets in. So what you are seeing way back there is a 2 man Jacuzzi whirlpool tub. Another wonderful thing the previous owners added. NOT! I could not understand why they added the tub in an open area. Do you suppose they drank, hot tubbed it, all while making travel plans for clients???  LOL! The door way to the right of the tub is the half bath. I keep the Jacuzzi covered up with this.

I will be painting the front panel to match the walls.

I found this quilt at a garage sale in a FREE box. The ducky family loves it.

Looking from the back of the room to the stairs, where we started.

So, I know you are wondering ...where is her long arm and were does she keep her fabric. Haha! Well, after much ado I left the longarm in the area of the basement where I have it set up among the kids remaining furniture and boxes. Why? It really took up a lot space in the Rehab room and made it feel small and cluttered. So it is behind the door on the right. I will NOT take a picture of that area. No,no, no! With all the stuff  and mess I have I will not show you my "dirty" side. LOL!
About that fabric. Well I pondered and pondered how I want to store my fabric and where. Then, hubby guy and I were at an Estate sale and low behold a vision came before me. I bought 2 shelved cabinets and put them in the closet. ( the door to the left) 

This is looking back out to the door of the closet. These 2 cabinets hold my stash which at this time has not been organized. The fish tanks are more of my sons things. He has 5 of them in that closet! Along with all the stands for them. He said he would get them out a month ago and I am still waiting. After they leave I will move MY cabinets closer to the door and then put my bookcase with all those quilting books and magazines in there also.

Oh! I have to tell you bout this...

This was my highchair. I didn't know it was still around. When my Aunt and Uncle were moving into an apartment she gave it to me. When I got to big for it my dad gave it her for my cousin to use. She had it stored in her basement. I had gone to help them pack and move things when she gave it me. I was thrilled. I had something from my past! You see, our home burnt down in 1998 and everything I had from my past was gone! So, this is really special to me.  The teddy bear on it I got from a friend when we lost our home and I made the little quilt this past winter. I lost my dolls in that fire and how I wish I had one of them to put in that highchair. Maybe young son and wife will have a child and I can share it and pass it on. How cool would that be??

So there you have it...a look into my life in the Rehab Room. I hope you enjoyed your visit and will come back real soon.

Oh wait, you say you want another peak at the give away....... Here we go..

I do have a few more things to add so...PLEASE blog about it, tell your friends. When I hit 500 views I will share more and have the giveaway. The more people that enter the more fun it will be.




  1. Paula, your room is fabulous!! I don't know, but I say keep the hot tub ... after a long day of cutting, pressing, and sitting hunched over the machine, it could come in handy!! I'm sharing on FB and I'm tweeting it, too. And I'll post it on my blog tomorrow!! We'll get those views up!! Hugs! :)

  2. Thanks, Denise! I just knew you would come through.
    We have used the "hot tub" twice. It is very difficult to clean. I have to get in it to scrub it out and then when I am done I need a shower! and I just got out of the tub!!! Go figure!!
    Again, thanks for your help and your support.
    I love ya, girlfriend!
    Someday, we ARE going to meet and hug each other to death!

    1. Paula, that sounds *awesome* to me! (The hugging each other to death part ... not the showering after you've cleaned the tub part! LOL!!) :)

  3. Our bathtub is a hot tub also and I hate it. I always wanted one and when I got it in our new house, I can't stand it. It's too much work trying to keep it clean. I wish I could plug every single hole up.

    I totally love your sewing area. It truly inspires me!

  4. Wow, beautiful sewing area with lots of flexability.

  5. Hi! I was led to your blog from Count It All Joy, Denise. I love your Rehab room. It would be a dream come true. Love it! I am a new follower and also have a blog at Please come visit.

  6. Hey Paula. It is so much fun to have a new, open space to create. I got my first real sewing room when we moved into a new house last year, only to be half overtaken by the kids for their game room. Since then I have purchased a longarm and with no space at home have rented an "office" for her. I will follow your lead and give a tour when it is organized. (btw I have hopped on over from Denise's blog too :0), she is great for sharing our blogs!) Congrats on your fun space!

  7. teresa of teresa's quilt journey sent me over ... and i'm glad to have come! love all your space and your curved counter! have fun in your rehab room!

  8. Guess what! I came to visit and it says "500 Page Views" --sounds like time for a giveaway. Teresa of Teresa's Quilt Journey (and my old high school buddy) sent me over here.

  9. I love your space. It is going to be wonderful when you get it finished. Good luck.

  10. I am coming by via Judy L's stash reports.... I have gone back to April's Post... will have to come again... I don't have a blog but will add you to my bookmarks...