Saturday, September 1, 2012

Recovery & Giveaway info.

The test were done and surgery was a go. The surgery went well and the blockage was removed. Recovery did not go so well. In the recovery room he had a phase that he felt he could not breath. He wanted to sit up but they would not let him. Blood pressure issues, I believe. Actually he would not be allowed to sit up for 6 hours. I knew that after a heart cath  that you had to lay flat but I did not know that after carotid artery surgery you also had to lay. That little booklet they give you does not tell you that! Anyway, once he got to his room he was quite agitated. Anesthetic affects everyone differently. He had agitation and then panic attacks. He never had a panic attack before. I have never seen one before and I don't ever want to see or have one again. A horrible and scary event to say the least. Once he was able to sit up and have some dinner he was feeling so much better. He has about a 5 inch incision on the side of his neck. The doctor said it would swell up and get hard and last for 4-6 weeks. Boy does it swell up! He came home the next day and he was so glad to be home.
A week before his surgery our friends from Oconto, WI came to visit and it was also a recovery time for Steve. He had knee surgery. They stayed here for the 9 days following his surgery. That was a good thing. You see, Steve and Karen also have an RV and actually it is the same as ours. Mel and Steve talked RV's and it keep Mel's mind off of his upcoming surgery. Steve could not sit still though. He asked Mel what needed to be done on our rig and off he went to do whatever needed to be done. We got a lot of work done on our rig along with applying a roof coating. Steve and Karen worked in the heat of the day scrubbing our roof on the rig, re-caulking and apply the new roof coating. I was also stressing about the upcoming surgery and Karen, bless her heart, did the most of our menu planning and cooking. The day of surgery they held down the fort for us while doing more work on our rig. Before they left we managed to sneak and hide some money into their tow car for helping us. No matter how hard we tried to give them money they refused so our only other choice was to hide some some where. Thanks so much Karen and Steve for all your help, hard work and being the support we truly needed. Our family was also a great support.

Well all that being said...What's new on the quilting front. I prepped some hexagons for a new project and started to work on those. I love to have handwork to do while watching tv or sitting around surgery waiting rooms. LOL! Thankfully I do not do the latter often. I am still working on my Christmas projects.

So about that giveaway I spoke of last time. I am putting it all together and I decided that when I get up to 500 views it will be giveaway time. So, tell your friends, tell your neighbors and your surgeons.
You can become a follower, if you want. You can post it on Facebook, if you want. You can share it however you want but you do not have to anything special to enter once I post the giveaway. Since I am totally new to this, I will only offer it to USA shipping addresses. I will pay the shipping. I say that because I have a friend that won a giveaway. She emailed her address to the person having the giveaway and then was told how much shipping was. She HAD to send a check for shipping before she got the prize!

Stay tuned while I watch the counter!

Happy Labor Day!

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  1. Yay!! Glad to hear all has gone well, and I'm so glad you had some fabulous friends to come and stay close (really close, huh?!) and help out!! That can be SUCH a comfort!! Love ya!!! :)