Friday, September 21, 2012

The Last Day & Questions

Today is the last day of summer. I can't say I will miss those endless HOT days we had. I much prefer cooler weather. Tomorrow we will welcome in Autumn. The leaves are changing color and starting to fall. I love to go for walks in the forest and hear the crunch of the dried leaves. Oh, and the smell. Autumn has wonderful smells. Not just the leaves but now our diets turn to those comfort foods. Stews, soups, casseroles and not to mention the baked goods.....pies, cakes, strudels and puddings. What wonderful delights autumn brings with it.

This Sunday will be going camping for a week with friends. On Sunday we will meet up with Steve and Karen at High Cliff State Park. Then on Thursday we will move north to Boulder Lake and meet up with friends Pete and Jeannie. It should be a fun week. Karen and I have many things planned. I am going to show her how to paper piece. She is fiber artist. Has many looms and makes wonderful rugs, blankets and towels. She also has an antique sock machine and makes the most wonderful, warm socks. We love her socks. Check out her esty shop here:
She spins her own yarn and dyes it also.

We will also check out many re-sale shops, quilt shops and cook. We have some pretty good menu's in the planning going on.

 Boulder Lake is away from everything. We will stock up before heading there to meet with Pete and Jeannie. It will a nice quite week-end, sitting around the campfire and probably more eating.

Not much sewing going on. I did manage to get the black, white and red quilt pieced together last Thursday. It was raining so I headed down to my Therapy Room and sewed the day away. I tired to get pictures of the quilt so far. I laid it on the floor, took a picture. Stood on a chair and took a picture. They just were not coming out right. Here is a look at what I got.

Another view from atop  the chair.

I will be adding a 6" border all around in black. It will be queen size. The pattern is Yellow Brick Road. I just love the way this turned out so far.

I have been having some problems with my longarm. First I had big loopies on the bottom so I increased the top tension. Then I had loopies on the top and I backed off my top tension. Now I have little bitty loopies on both top and bottom. I think I know the! Well, actually, I think we need to re-level the frame. I did notice that the machine moves when I stop to the right. I am thinking that when the kids moved out, they moved the frame and machine out of the way and now it needs to be re-leveled.

Has anyone been having problems using Warm & Natural batting? At the quilt shop the other day it was brought up that a couple of the long arm quilter's are having problems using that batting. Someone said with the price of cotton going up they changed the product and they have more poly in the base that the cotton is put into. Many are using Hobbs Tuscany Collection and they love it. What do you use?

I will be back with more soon. Hoping to be able to post some while we are camping.

Piece and Hugs!


  1. That is a beautiful quilt. I love the blacks, reds and whites mixed together. :)

    1. Thank you! I did not know if I would like it but I do. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Oh Paula, I *love* your BW&R quilt -- it's awesome! I hope you have a fun time camping. I'm going to go check out her site!! Hope you get your longarm woes figured out soon!! :)