Friday, November 2, 2012

Here I am!

I finally caught up with myself! Whew! It has been crazy for past few weeks.

WARNING: This post has LOTS of pictures!

When last we talked I was preparing for a camping trip. The weather was great. A beautiful sunny day for our drive. Along the way we saw Barn Quilts. Did you ever try to photo one of those at 60mph, through a double pane window? Sheesh!

It just does not work well at all.
We enjoyed the 90 mile drive but yet happy to arrive.

Got settled into our site.

I am here! I am WOMAN!

It did not take but seconds for the guys to settle in and start solving whatever needed to be solved.

Karen and Steve are in the next site and we made our "meeting" place at their site.  Steve works at High Cliff and since it was after Labor Day the Museum was closed for the season but, Steve got us in. Wait till you see what they had! It was the Post Office and the General Store for the area.
 We found many items of interest but look at this.....

FABRIC!!!! And a quilting frame. Parts of it are on the counter.

Lots of memories in this place. Do you remember these?

I loved the look of the Post Office...

Isn't that wonderful! So I thought, hmmm, I need to mail something. So, in the drop box with the hubby guy...
I had to rescue him back out. He was not ready to go home.

Back at camp Karen wanted to learn how to paper piece. Karen is a fiber artist. She has many looms and makes wonderful rugs. She also has a sock machine from back in early 1900's and makes awesome wool socks. She also makes towels on her looms. Anyway, she want to learn how to paperpiece. She got out her grandmother's sewing machine, a bag of scrap fabric I brought along and the lesson began. She was an easy student and did a fabulous job.

I had made a sample for her so she knew what the pattern would like. She took to it like a quilter in a quilt shop! Here is her finished pieced and the one I made. Karen's is the green, red, and beige one.

She is hooked my friends........hook, line and sinker! She has since collected many paper pieced patterns, and made coasters, potholders and wouldn't doubt if she has already made a quilt! LOL!

I decided we needed to celebrate so a crab dinner was in order. Well, at least for Karen and I. The guys had tenderloins. Time to cook up some crab...

We cooked up 3 pounds of crab and this was just the beginning. We made it a healthy meal by adding this to the menu..
 A good vegie tray cancels out all that butter, right? Of course, we had to wash it all down something fancy also.
WINE! Steve made this wine from a Cherry tree in his yard. It was wonderful! We even let Steve have a glass of his wine...LOL!

The guys steak dinner.

I think Karen and I did a good job on that crab... (we ate like pigs ... squeal!)

After the clean up it was time to waddle over to the fire for awhile and wait for dessert. NOT!!!!

It was a nice get away. So nice to have time with friends. We discovered that a shop hop was coming up in the fox valley in 2 weeks. Guess what? We went back for that. Guess what famous shop was on the hop? Primitive Gatherings. Guess what I will tell you about next time? Meanwhile, I had to go home, paint a room, put the furniture back into our guest room, put the borders on the black, red and white quilt, clean up the flower beds for winter, get ready for the roofers to come and do laundry! Whew!

The past, how ever many weeks it has been since I posted, has been a whirlwind of fun and work.

I'll be back tomorrow with the shop hop.


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  1. Your pics of the barn quilt squares actually look pretty good! The crab dinner looks lovely, too!! Karen really did take to the paper piecing, huh? She looks totally intense! :)