Saturday, November 3, 2012

World Famous

I had 2 weeks before we would be going back for the shop hop. A lot of things needed to get done. I did get the borders on my black, white and red quilt. Finished cleaning up the flower beds and planting more bulbs for spring flowers. I had our quilt group over for our monthly get together. They all loved my sewing (Therapy) room.

Karen was excited about us coming to camp with them again and her first shop hop! We arrived on Sunday but the hop did not start till Wednesday. We spent the days checking out re-sell shops. Finally, Wednesday was here and Karen was ready to go. Hubby guy was also ready to drive us around.So off we went and our first stop was the famous Primitive Gatherings. Do you think Karen was excited or what!

I don't think hubby guy even had the car in park and she was out! LOL! Have you ever been to this shop? Oh my! Just opening the door has you ohhhing and ahhhhing. Really! You can not take it in fast enough. It is a whole world of it's own. We just walked and looked and walked and looked like a bunch of zombies. All we kept saying to each other was "look at this", "no, look at this".  I wish I would have gotten the name of the sales lady, she was wonderful. She welcomed us to the shop, gave us our passports for the hop and explained about how we would get a free pattern at each shop that would be the same block but made into different items. (ie: small quilt, table runner, table topper and even a clock!) As we walked around and drooled about ourselves we decided this was actually heaven and we were getting a preview. I did ask if I could take pictures in the shop and was told I could and where I could take them from.
On both sides are areas with fabric and patterns and many samples. Oh and some wool on the right.
It was amazing.
This is the "Wool" area.  Tons of samples, kits, wool and it goes off to your right yet with more! Actually for as much as they had in this shop it was displayed very well. The samples had numbers on them so you find the pattern or the kit easily. The shop was very clean and very organized.

 I do not know if this was the first "Fox Valley Shop Hop" but somethings seemed a little unorganized. On the brochure for the hop it said each shop would be doing a demonstration and PG's was working with wool. I am new to wool so I asked about the demo. The poor lady said it was mentioned in a meeting but she never heard more about it. She said she had her project here and would show from that. She explained everything from tracing to stitching and answered all my questions. She did a wonderful, Johnny on the spot, demo. Only one other shop had a demo. When we asked at other shops we almost always got a deer in the headlights look.

If PG's is on your "Bucket List", it is worth it.  Twice! First time to walk around in total awe and the second time to shop! LOL!

Have a great week-end.



  1. Definitely going to have to add PG to my 'Bucket List' of quilt shops!! Thanks for the tour...great pics!

  2. Oh My!!! Lucky you. I wanted to see her when she came to The Oaks quilt show in Philly this year, but couldn't make it. Just as well, it was her husband and son. I am getting her Fall Frolic BOM though. It is gorgious! I live close to Lancaster and the Amish shops, so I will have to take pics next time I am there and post. In the are sooo(sew) lucky!!!!

  3. Sounds like a blast!! I do love working with wool -- it's so silky smooth to stitch into! LOL! Thanks for sharing the shop with us!!! :)

  4. Yes, primitive gatherings is on my bucket list. Lucky you!