Friday, November 9, 2012


I am just like you and love it when I can get something for free. The only problem I have is, I am a looser! Yup, a looser! I have never had luck at winning much of anything.
Then, one day my luck changed, for that one day. I had entered a giveaway at It was for a book "Back to Charm School" plus she was also giving away 2 table runners. This was way back in February. Guess what? I won a table runner. It was my 'once in a lifetime win!' ( i have only ever won anything once, and this was it) I about wet myself when I got an email form Sarah informing me that I had won. We were still snow birding in the south so I wouldn't get to touch and feel my win till we got back home in April. I love it!

 If you remember from the pictures of my Rehab Room (aka: sewing room) I am doing black and grays. This works in perfect.

I had every intention of posting about this as soon as we got home but things got a little out of control.  It got pushed to the back burner and then forgotten about. Sorry, Sarah! Thank you Sarah, for the chance to win it. I love it and I will cherish my 'once in a lifetime' win forever.

How lucky are you? Have you had wins from blogger giveaways?

Only two weeks until our Thanksgiving/Christmas so I need to get to work on another quilt. Yikes!
We have our Thanksgiving and Christmas together since we leave for the south the first week of December. We call it our Thanksmas. A day were we have our Thanksgiving dinner, clean up and into the living room we go to start Christmas. We open gifts and usually end up with game systems set up and the games begin. It gets pretty loud in here but I love it. I love all the activity, laughter and noise. Towards evening we have our Christmas dinner. Yes, you read that right. We have two huge meals. ( we all waddle afterwards for about a week) More game playing goes on into the evening. It is a full day of family, food, gifts and fun. When everyone leaves and I sit back and reflect on the day, I realize just how lucky I am.......HEY! I am not a looser after all!



  1. You are *definitely* not a looser at ALL!! I actually rather love the idea of Thanksmas. I bet it's a huge day of fun for y'all (waddling notwithstanding). Where are you headed this year in the ol' RV?? :)

  2. Congratulations! The table runner is very pretty. It looks great in your sewing area. I don't think I could eat 2 large meals in one day. I have only won a few things and never anything crafty.

  3. congrats on your win. great table runner.
    good luck in my giveaway. thanks for your suggestion for my quilt.

  4. OMG, Paula! We are blogging sisters!!! I love to sew, mainly stuff for the Granddaughters and their dolls. I am so glad you found me!! Pearson is 27 miles northeast of Antigo. Ever hear of Fudfest? That's be the pride and joy of the area. We've always had a cottage here, but now its our home, we still have a house in Kaukauna (7 miles from High Cliff) that we're trying to sell. Know anybody that might be interested? OGM again, now I have to watch what I say about the Northwoods, you're so close by, I know a few folks from your town, so I'd better be careful.
    We go southwest for the winter, but not until Jan 1. Oh this is so much fun to have a blogging friend so close. Do I get a prize for being follower #25. hehe
    Muffy@ Muffy's Marks