Sunday, November 4, 2012


After I came out of being in total awe, I wiped the drool from my face and it was time to do some shopping. Sew many patterns, sew much fabric, sew much wool and sew many dang cute samples! I loved them all. Oh, the choices.
I knew of one that I HAD to have. I had seen it many times in blogs and adored it and wanted it. Sew, my first choice was to get this:

A pattern book written by, of course, Lisa and Carole.  This book has many patterns that I love but the one that really, really got me was this.

I fell in love with this the first time I saw it and knew I had to have it. Isn't it wonderful? I want to frame it and hang it in my sewing room. Won't it look lovely on my freshly painted walls and the black and gray theme I have going?
In order to make it I "had" to buy the wool. And lucky for me they had a kit with all the wool in it.

Which came with these wonderful wools.

Then I saw this.

A mini matt.
Isn't that just to stinkin cute!
As I am walking, looking, admiring, what jumps out, grabs me and says "I'm going home with you."
I pull it away from my body and I see this.

Hydrangea! Who doesn't love them?! Another love at first site. It will look lovely in my living room on the coffee table. So, off I go to look for, what else, wool!

Since this  wool thing is new to me I also needed to get the appropriate notions, right? I mean, ya just gotta do this the RIGHT way. So I just had to get these.

 Thread, it needs these wonderful threads. For that I need these.

 Needles to sew that special thread.I also needed a fusible, like the nice lady showed me when she did her demo for me. So...

Got me some of that too.

It was exciting and fun. We loved PG. We will be back!

Many of shops only allowed pictures from the outside, no inside pictures. The shops we got to on the hop were all nice but PG will always be in my heart. As I said before, each shop had a pattern, using the same block but in a different design. After visiting 6 of the 9 shops I really like the project at PG. So you know what that meant. I went back! Yes, I did! I loved the fabrics they used in the little quilt so I purchased them.

Beautiful! Now I will make this wonderful quilt.

This is my haul. ( minus the the project pattern and fabric.)

 Doesn't look like much ,but I am sure the kids will understand why I HAD to spend their inheritance, won't they?




  1. I think you made a very smart decision!! What a fabulous haul!!!! And you know, when you start a new project, you've *got* to make sure you have *all* the tools and materials you'll need, right?!?! :)