Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pulling up my BIG girl britches.

I have pulled up my big girl brithches and I am back!

Not much in sewing/quilting has been done as I am re-doing my sewing room. You see, after young son got married, he and Sara lived with us till they found a home. They moved into a "new to them" home this past December. While living here, they used my sewing room as their living room. I was pushed into the laundry room. :( So, I set up a table and did manage to adjust. (barely ;)) So now I am painting and hope to finish the dreaded deed tomorrow. Oh the ideas I have in my head for re-arranging and making this the room of my dreams. Ha! I need to find me a millionaire! Well, maybe someone with a checkbook balance bigger than mine! Anyone got more than 5 bucks! LOL!

I forgot to take a before picture but I will be back with an after picture.

Enjoy my little Charmer picture.
Piece and Hugs

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  1. I'm *SO* glad you're back! I've missed you. And I'm sorry that something kinda took your joy there for a while. HUGS!! :)