Friday, December 7, 2012

Finally, I'm Back!!

I have no excuse for not blogging sooner. I am bad. I was packing. We have begun our snow birding trek south. We left this past Tuesday and we are now in Texas. North of Dallas. In a campground on Lewisville Lake. We arrived here today and the weather today was beautiful. It was sunny and in the 70's.

Our Thanksmas was wonderful. We had a delicious Thanksgiving turkey dinner.  After cleaning up from our gobble down it was time for our Christmas.

Granddaughter Rachel loved her quilt. Here it is just before I wrapped it up. Rachel opened it and wrapped herself in it and stayed that way even as they were leaving. The next day I was talking to her and she said she was still wrapped up in it. "It's so warm, grandma!" She also took it to her camp reunion last week-end. Poor dear got sick while there and wrapped up in the quilt while laying on the floor in the bathroom.

Son Richard and DIL Rose also loved their quilt.

Here is their quilt before it was wrapped. ( bribed the neighbor into helping with pictures)
Son Richard modeled it. Rose did not want her picture taken.

I think he likes it!

We had lots of gifts and everyone was happy with the treasures they got. 

I forgot to take a picture of my gift. I got a treadle machine!!! Wooowhooo! A 1924 Singer. What a surprise.

While we are traveling this winter I will make a quilt for grandson Alex. I found an interesting pattern for a paper pieced pattern.  The pattern is Hunters Star. Alex likes green and I thought this would be a perfect 2 color pattern using a green.

A quilt for young son John and DIL Sara will be made once they finish re-doing their bedroom and painting. I have no ideas for them. I will probably have Sara look through some patterns and then go fabric shopping with me.

The past 2 weeks have been quite busy. When I wasn't packing I was schmoozing with my friends. Gift exchanges, lunches and just spending some time with friends. Oh! That reminds me. Another wonderful gift I got was a Deluxe bobbin winder. Actually, I wanted one and they are 99.00. While at JoAnns with a friend, she was at the check out and said "hey, isn't that bobbin winder a Simplicity product?" She found a coupon for 50% off and gave it to me. So I keep telling her she gave me 50.00 for Christmas.  The bobbin winder will be wonderful for winding the bobbins for the long arm.



  1. What a good feeling you must have had, watching your loves open their gifts and loving them. Score for grandma!! 70's huh? Well we're bracing for the big storm. I'll post pictures on Monday!!! Enjoy Texas!!

  2. Yay!! So happy to see all those smiling faces holding up your quilts! Nice score on the bobbin winder!! My sister and her family live in Corpus Christi -- if you head that way in your trek, let me know! Stay SAFE! :)