Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lake Waco, TX

We moved south from Lake Lewisville. Our first move was to Ennis and a Corp of Eng park on Lake Bardwell. We stayed there for 6 days and then moved on to Waco, TX.. We camped at Midway Park for 3 nights and then moved to Airport Park and we are here for 2 weeks. These have all been Corp of Eng parks. We love the COE parks.

We have never been to Airport Park and we are quite impressed. It is very quiet and has awesome sites on the lake. Here is picture of our site.

 I haven't done much sewing. :( I am working on a big stitch quilting on a small quilt.
Hubby guy did take me to a Quilt Shop here in Waco. Tomorrow Quilts. A lovely shop. Forgot the camera. I found fabric for grandson's quilt. I had planned to do a paper pieced pattern but it just isn't a pattern that is working for me. I love paper piecing but this pattern doesn't do it for me. So I am looking for another pattern for his quilt.

While at the quilt shop I was told of a shop hop they are having. It will be held at the Waco Convention Center on Jan 25 & 26.  Twenty (20) shops under one roof. No driving miles to get to all the shops.   Isn't that just the coolest idea? All kinds of prizes. Hopefully we will still be in the area so I can attend.

Although we have our Christmas at Thanksgiving I still get down that we are not home with family. The next few days will be very tough for me. I will talk to family but it just makes me even more homesick. Once Christmas is over, I am fine. Good thing I stocked up on Kleenex cuz I am going to need them.

I cannot imagine how the people of Newtown will get through Christmas. What a awful, awful thing to happen. I send to them my most heartfelt hugs.

On a lighter note... Aren't you glad the world didn't end? I know people who really thought it was going to happen. They were scared all day. Thankfully nothing happened.

I want to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas.
Remember: it is not about the presents, it is about his presence! Happy Birthday, Jesus!



  1. Hey Paula, you have yourselves a wonderful site!! The quilting supplies all under one roof sounds like an all day of being like a kid in a candy shop!!! Wishing you all that this magical season has to offer. Merry Christmas!!!

  2. There's my gal!! Your current site looks fabulous -- what a pretty view!! Nice score on the shop hop -- I hope you get to stick around so you can play!!! Does your mail get forwarded to you at all while you're snow birding it, or do you just have to wait until you get home? Hugs to you, sweet friend -- and a *very* Merry Christmas!!! :)

  3. I'm so glad you listed those parks - we want to do a bit of camping later this year so I was glad to hear that you like those. blessings, marlene

  4. Good morning! I've scanned through several of your recent posts and totally love the wool projects you've found! Someday I'll have to try one of those, they look like such fun. Blessings to you in the new year - I totally understand your holiday doldrums - our family is all on the other coast - in snow country and we don't try to travel over the Christmas holidays, so it sure can be a lonely time.
    Visiting from StitchinByTheLake today.

  5. Beautiful the header too.

  6. Just hopped over from Stitchin by the Lake and I really enjoyed my visit. Beautiful quilts and I love the fact you are on the road. I have always wanted to travel and camp. That would be awesome. Thanks for sharing with us.

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