Thursday, January 10, 2013

Murphy's Law

I wanted to get a post done before Stitchin on the Lake had the Let's go Visiting! Guess what? The dang thing would not load. I lost my post! So of course, here I am a day late trying it again and we will see what happens. I do hope people come back!

Anyway my post was many questions. I want to get opinions. Now where is that list of questions????

I wonder how many people starch their fabric as they sew their blocks?
 I just started doing this and I am really liking the results. I press and starch before cutting and then when my block is finished, before squaring it up, I press and starch it again.

Do you stitch your blocks together as you finish them or lay them out when they are all finished and then sew them together?
I wait till all the blocks are done, lay them out, and then stitch them together.

Do you label all your quilts?
I really need to do this. I have on a few but not all of them.

Do you take pictures of your quilts when they are finished?
I take a picture and have intentions of putting them into an album.  So far I haven't. I do take notes of the fabric I use and dates I made them and plan to add that to the picture in the album, when I get the album going! LOL!

What is your favorite thread for piecing?
I usually use thread from Connecting Threads.

Do you quilt your own quilts?

Do you quilt on your sewing machine or do you have a long arm?
I quilt on both. I do have a longarm and I am learning just what I can do. It is a big learning curve.

Are you primary colors or pastel?
I love both but I have noticed I use mostly primary colors. I need to make something using pastels.

I hope you will comment on my questions.

We are traveling and I am on a limited gigabyte, so I can't post many pictures.



  1. Hi Paula...I am visiting via Stitchin by the Lake. I didn't make it down the whole list last night so I am back again and starting here. Wow! Lots of questions. Let me see. Do I starch? You know...the first class I took had us starch after washing and before cutting...then once I stopped washing first, well I stopped starching. But recently I have started starching on a "it depends" basis. Like it depends if the fabric is behaving...if it isn't...starch. I lay out my blocks...and sometimes I take pictures here so I have a reference when I start to stitch them together. I think I have labeled most of the quilts that I have done especially the ones that I have given away. I try to take pictures of the finished quilts but I need to be better about it. The quilting part of the quilt isn't my favorite part...I like to piece but quilting not so much. If it is a large quilt I have a lady that quilts them for me. Smaller ones I do simple stuff. And I quilt on my machine...maybe if I had a long arm quilter I would like it better. Primary or depends. Thread...I am using Auriful right now. Hope you have more visitors...this could really be a great conversation.

  2. I don't have a single answer to a single question!! Not being a quilter I am clueless. I just popped in to say hi, and ask where are you traveling to?

  3. Paula! I'll answer your questions...I use a homemade version of Best Press and it has starch in it. I like to sew crisp fabrics! I try to remember to take pictures of all my work, but occasionally I forget. I sometimes I wait, I sometimes don't. (How's that for a definitive answer?! LOL!) Typically I label my finished quilts. Especially if they're leaving my home. I use Dual Duty thread for piecing. I quilt most all my own quilts and either by hand or by my sewing machine. The bunk room won't fit a long arm. BOO! I like to work in both ... but lean towards brighter colors, I'd guess!!! :)

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  5. I am starching my fabrics all of the time. I love it. No stretching, and I just fingerpress.