Sunday, April 30, 2017

It has been a long time.

I has been a long time since I blogged. I went back and read all my posts. Wonderful memories. Then I thought, why not just use this as a journal. I really don't mind if anyone reads my words. I am not one to value myself on how many people read my blog or how many friends I have on Facebook. I am me.
So I will journal. Many of my thoughts. Some maybe nice thoughts and some may not be nice thoughts. But, they are my thoughts.
Last April (2016) we arrived home form a winter of snow birding the south. It was a good time. We spent a lot of time in Florida. We started out going to Mandeville, LA. to met up with friends for Christmas and the New Year. Worked our way east form there slowly. 
Once we arrived home in April we parked the coach and it has sat there ever since. We did take it out for rides, just to exercise it.  We spent the winter home. Mel has had some medical issues and it was decided we would spend the winter home. It was a long winter. Through the grace of God and our friends and family that came and helped, visited and just gave encouragement to Mel , the time went by. I has been a tough road. Not only for Mel but for me also. It is difficult when your spouse is 13 years older than you and is losing the ability to do so many things. Most upkeep around here was up to me. I did it the best I could. We had conversations about selling the house, moving into an apartment. Mel is not ready to do that yet. Although, I am. We have started to do some downsizing. I have taken many a load to Goodwill after our kids go through what we are getting rid of.
I still do my quilting. it is my "me" time. I enjoy it very much when I can get in my room and just create.
Mels health is slowly improving and I think we finally found the right medication. We are making plans for our summer trips. Our friends in northern MN are anxiously waiting for us to do a camping trip. We also have a trip to Iowa to see friends Ron and Jan. We will also do a road trip with them. We have other trips planned and we will see how many we get to.
I am looking forward to summer. Camping, seeing friends and relatives and traveling.
Till next time..... Piece!

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