Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Gift card, a Quilt Shop & RV Quilter's

It has been crazy weather around here. We have had so much rain this year my toes are starting to web together. Angel was going to come over today to help me with some gardening stuff but the skies opened up and canceled our plans. I am having a hard time keeping up the flower garden due to my back and leg problem. I am currently doing the KST treatments, which seem to be the only thing helping me so far. PT made things so much worse. I could hardly walk and the medication I was taking made me ornery. LOL! Stopped taking that. Things are improving , thankfully.

For Mother;s Day my son gave me a gift card for  The Fat Quarter Quilt Shop.  Here is what I bought with it.

AURIfil thread!!! If you quilt , you know this thread is the cat's meow! Seams lie flat, low lint. Needed some pastel colors.

They also have 80 weight that is great for applique. This will work well with the applique project I am working on.
Great for tracing those pieces to applique.
Just because I thought this was a cute pattern.

In my last post I wrote about going to the Quilted Dog Quilt Shop In Colquet, MN.
Wonderful shop with a lot of quilts hanging around for samples. I didn't buy any fabric. I had just gone through and sorted out fabric and got rid of a lot. I did find these goodies though.
A pattern for these button boats! She had some made up in the shop and they were adorable. I bought the kit.
I love Red Button patterns. This was a kit that also included their buttons to go with it. A cute little table topper.

Last but not least, these adorable little wool projects. I love doing these. Sitting in the evening and doing hand stitching is relaxing for me. I also bought the holder for these.
I almost forgot.
I got these also. Thought they were so cute. I bought 2 more also. One for Jessie and one for her sister. I have quite a collection of quilting mugs. I bought a few of the Connecting Threads mugs in the 2 different colors, another form Primitive Gatherings and now these.

This past weekend Kay and I went to Plover to visit Antoinette's Quilt Shop. We were going to pick out the fabrics for our Judy Neumeyer pattern we are doing. We stopped at Cottage Cafe for breakfast. Great food and quite the story about the house the cafe is in. It is haunted. The owner told of the encounter they have with the ghosts that live i the house. Nothing bad. They polished a floor one night for them. LOL! The cafe also has Mystery nights. It includes a dinner and a ghost mystery. Much the same as a Mystery Theater. Sounds like fun. We enjoyed hearing her stories and we will go back. We are thinking our quilt group should do a mystery night. We did get our fabrics picked out and had one hilarious time doing it. Antoinette's is a great shop. You always feel welcomed there. The help is a hoot, if you're looking for help . It was a great day trip.

Melissa is working on the RV Quilter's Get Together. September looks to be when it will happening. She will have a date as soon as she gets all the info from the campground. This should be a lot of fun. So many of us are looking forward to it again.

You have a wonder 4th of July.


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