Saturday, March 10, 2012

A bit more about me

I am a wife. Married 32 years to a man that chased me down like I was the run away frosting to his cake! I actually was not sure if I wanted to get involved with a man that was divorced and had a child. I think I fell in love with his son before I did him! What an adorable lovable child. When we married he became our son. He is never referred to as a step son.
I am a mother. Two wonderful boys that I love equally. They are be 18 years apart. ( we needed the tax deduction. LOL!)
I am a grandmother to Alex and Rachel. The cutest grand kids I ever had! ( Looking forward to more now that young son is married. :) )
I am a mother-in -law that loves those girls like they are my own.
I am retired. Well, actually, I am NOT old enough to retire. A benefit of being married to an older man.
I live in Wisconsin. Wausau. Right in the middle of the state.
We are snowbirds. Yes, we leave the wonders of the "winter wonderland" in search of sun and warmer weather. We have an RV that we spend our winters in. I have all the amenities of home, except on a smaller scale.
Right now we are in Biloxi, MS.. This is our first winter in the south. We usually winter in AZ.. The rising prices of gas, food and campground fees made us change our migration along with health issues. After all , I do need money for fabric!
I "sew" enjoy quilting.  Cutting up a perfectly beautiful piece of material and sewing back together to make something even more beautiful is awesome. The joy and pride, once that last stitch is done in a binding, and I stand back to look at what I have made, is just outstanding. At that point, you wish everyone you knew was there to share that moment.
I also putter in gardening. I say "putter" because I am really not into it. It makes the yard look good, nuff said!

Let me introduce you to my family.

My "hubby guy"
He looks up quilt shops, enters them into his GPS, and takes me to buy the fabric that I hoard!
What a guy!

                                   Oldest son Richard. A very proud father to his children.

Richards wife, Rosalie. Oh, I wish you could hear her sing!

Grandson, Alex. He is just a happy guy!

Granddaughter, Rachel. The gymnast!

Our youngest son John. He knows how to make me laugh. On his wedding day to Sara. Sara is the family cheesecake maker.She is responsible for my weight gain!

So there you have it family. Oh wait, you say you want to see me?

Well, Here I am....cheesecake cheeks and all!

Hoping you enjoyed this peek into my life and I didn't scare you away!
Have a wonderful week-end.
I'll be back!


  1. Yay! What a great post! And lots of fun pictures -- especially the last one of you!!! :)

  2. Very nice to meet you Paula and what a lovely family :)

  3. Cheesecake is merely a diet supplement- one burns up the calories through chewing!

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere!! I hope you have a long and happy stay here. Your hubby sounds like a keeper! Mine does the same thing with quilt shops and the GPS. Lucky gals aren't we?

  5. What a special family! I have a keeper hubby, too! He waited for me to grow up,(& says says that I'm still waiting for him to do the same!) lol

    I agree with Agnes's comment.

    My husband accompanies me to quilt shops, and even buys me fabric, notions, etc.

    I love your blog's name.

    1. Thank for stopping by. I am still working on growing up. My hubby waits in the car while I shop. He doesn't want to know how much I spend! LOL!