Monday, March 19, 2012

Small Quilts

I decided that while we were "snow birding" this winter I would  just make small quilts. One of our LQS went out of business this past fall. I purchased a number of Snap Sacks. I mean, who could pass up 60% off!  Snap Sacks are a little paper lunch bag filled with a pattern and fabric. Everything is included....fabric for the top, the backing and binding. They make a small quilt and finish quite quickly.

The first one I made is called Autumn Patches and finishes at 14 x 19.  A nice table topper.

Next I made Simplicity. It finished at 15 x 18.

Last I made  Dutch Treat. It finishes at 12 x 26.

Sew, those are 3 of the Snap Sacks I made so far. Take a good look at them and see which one is pieced wrong. Yup, wrong. I did not notice till I had it all done. How did that happen?  Ha! It said to piece according to the  "picture" and I followed a diagram in the directions that was for pressing seams.  Dang! I was not about to rip out binding, quiting and rip it all apart. So it will remain wrong. Lesson learned. Did you figure it out which one??

I also made other small things. Such as this dresden candle mat.

I had made another one of these in Christmas fabrics this past December but, I did not take a picture of it. :(

A friend had shown me paper piecing and I found a pattern for a pin cushion and made this. It is not done yet. I am waiting till I get home to finish and fill it.

I really like the paper piecing and would love to make this block much bigger. It finished at 5x5.

I have another small quilt I am still working on. I have it all pieced and I am hand quilting it. I will show a picture once that is done.

We have been enjoying sunny and warm weather here in Biloxi. Although, yesterday (Sunday) it was 3 degrees warmer at home, in Wisconsin, than it was here. What's up with that? They have been having very unusual warm weather for March. I wonder what that means for April or what our summer will be like.

We leave here this Friday and start our trek home. Plan to be home in the first week of April.
We have errands to finish up, friends to say farewell to and getting the coach ready to roll. Not much sewing will be done this week.

I want to give a big THANK YOU to Denise at for spreading the word about my blog. Hugs to you, girlfriend. We have never met but it sure feels like we have been friends forever.

Till next time.


  1. I love your mini's - clever idea with the snap bag - never seen or heard of those. You don't tell there was an oops - it's called designer's choice!!!! Safe trip home.

  2. Oh everything looks so terrific, Paula!! I love your Dresden Candle mat -- very CUTE!! You should walk us through the steps on that one -- I'd love to make one! I don't suppose you were able to talk your hubby into heading north via Huntsville?!? I've got a full hook-up slot saved just for you!! Hugs!!! :)