Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Very Small Quilt Show!

No stitchin got done this week. We spent our last days in Biloxi getting ready to roll down the road. We also had some excitement. On the week-ends our son John goes to our house and calls me with mail. He also checks the answering machine. He said a message from my uncle was on it and all it said was "it's Uncle Emil and I am in trouble." The message was left on Thursday. He has my cell number but he called the house for some reason. I called and called him but no answer. Called his apartment manager and she had not seen him since Thursday. She can not go in unless a family member is there. I called hospitals and no one had him as a patient. It was decided to call the police to do a well being visit. When I called them they said an ambulance call was made on Saturday for him.. I told them that I called the hospital and they did not have him as a patient. They called the hospital but the computer system was down so they could not tell them if he was discharged or transfered. So an officer was sent to the apartment. The manager let him in and he was not there. His car was there but not him. SO, I called the hospital again and talked to a nurse supervisor.  Since the computers were down she could not acess his Privacy Act form that allows her to give me information on him. About 45 minutes later, when computers were up again, she called and told me he had been transfered to another hospital due to his critical condition and I would have to call them to get futher information. I called. He has congestive heart failure and pneumonia and was on a ventilater to help him breath! His condition was "just ok". WOW! We decided that on Friday we would probably be heading straight home. As the week went on he improved, ALOT. He went off the ventilater on Wednesday, was eating like a horse and they would move him out of CCU the next day into a medical room. He got moved on Thursday and is doing wonderful. So we are back to our orginial plan and we will be home in about 10 days.

So, on Friday we left Biloxi and drove the 68 miles to Fountainebleau State Park in Mandeville. We love this park. Upon check in,  I noticed that on Sunday they were having a small quilt show and demonstrations at the visitor center. It was being put on by the Hosanna Quilters. Hosanna quilters meet weekly at Hosanna church and make donation quilts. Each year they make and deliver over 300 quilts. I have gone to this quilt group a number of times in the past. They had a small showing of quilts. Some of which, are donation quilts and some personal quilts. Here is a quick peek.

This is "Insanity". Those squares are folded little squares of fabric to look like prairie points, then sewn to another square and so forth. I had a hard time understanding exactly how it was worked, but it was interesting.

These 2 quilts are over 100 years old. Quilter Pat brough them to show. She is documenting them, so as they get passed down the history goes with them. Aren't they lovely? What a treasure.

Look at this flag quilt. It was found in a box of donated fabric to the group.Can you believe it? Since they tie all the donation quilts, it was decided that this one deserved to be machine quilted. One of the quilters took it home and machine quilted and finished it off.

What a lovely basket. Applique' and tiny little yo-yo's. Done on silky fabric. Bet that was fun!!!

This Stained Galss quilt was beautiful. The quilter that made it was not there so I could not get a full picture of it. Only the quilter could hold up their quilts.

A darling baby quilt.

A Disappearing 9 patch that is a donation quilt.

Look at this lovely Wedding Ring quilt. To bad this is NOT a donation quilt. Those are my wedding colors. I would gladly take this as donation. LOL!

                                        Very colorful Cathedral Windows. This is awesome!

These are pieces from a Crazy Quilt made in 1894! I wonder who d.p. is?
This was also found in donation box of fabric.

There you have it. A small show but yet exciting and some history also.

We have friends here at Fountainebleau so I am sure no quilting will be done while here. We are going on a swamp tour on Tuesday. I wonder how many "gaters" we will see?

Till next time...Enjoy!

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  1. Wow!! There were some really lovely, lovely pieces! The flower basket caught my eye, as did the stained glass piece and the cathedral windows quilt. Oh I bet you had a ton of fun!!! I can't wait to hear about your swamp tour!!! :)