Thursday, March 8, 2012

A little about me!

Here we go! Does every new blogger start out wondering, How do I do this?  Where do I start? Well, I will start by telling you when and how I got into quilting.
A friend kept telling me we should take a quilting class. I finally give in and signed for a class. Guess what? She never showed for any of the classes! After the first class I was hooked. Joan, our instructor, was so informative and fun. She made the process not only look easy but fun. At the end of the 6 weeks I had my first quilt and a huge desire for more.
This is the result of that class.  A small quilt that I just love.

While taking this class, hanging on the wall next to me was another quilt I just loved. I picked up the pattern, fabrics and away I went. I cut, I pieced and sewed it all together and this is what I got.
Lightning Strike is the pattern and I love it. Another friend does long arm quilting and she quilted it for me. Here is a picture of it. It is also the quilt in my header.

So, if anyone is out there, reading this, come on back. I will show you more.


  1. Yay, Paula! Look at you -- first post of the new blog! I'm your first follower and your first comment! Whoohoo!! What a privilege! Your Lightning Strike is wonderful -- did it stay at home, or did it come with you?! Hugs and congratulations on your launch!!! :)

  2. Hi, I was looking through Denise's list of blogs and the name of yours caught my eye! I have struggled with the other kind my whole life. I am happy to follow as I like smaller blogs.

  3. Congrats on your new blog!!! Welcome to blogland!!!

  4. Welcome to blogging! It's lots of fun out here. Your quilt is gorgeous! I'm following you ;)

  5. Welcome new blogger. Denise (Count it all Joy) sent me on over. Love your banner quilt, delightful. Look forward to many moments shared.

  6. Love that Lightening Strike quilt - it looks so different on the bed and in your header. Great scrap type project.