Sunday, May 21, 2017

May is almost gone!

Time flies! Only 10 days left in May.
Mother's Day was great. We had a beautiful sunny spring day. DIL Rose and granddaughter Rachel came by. We had a nice visit and they brought me some wonderful gifts.
This plant hanger and a hanging plant. I love it. It even has a shelf to add another pot or whatever you want to put down there. Cool!
A cute bird feeder. I will hang it outside but not fill the feeder. We have so many squirrels the birds don't have a chance to get something to eat. I do feed the hummingbirds.
Now I can make 2 different pies in one. Mel loves apple pie and I love razzelberry. Now we can both be happy. How cool is that!

Later son John  and Sara came over. They brought flowers.
Pretty! I also got a really nice gift card from them from the Fat Quarter shop. I will post pictures when my goodies arrive.
John also came on Monday and brought us dinner. Sara had to work late. That was also really nice.
Mel took me out for dinner on Mother's Day. Then we had a quite evening.

Monday was crazy. We had guys here installing our new air conditioner. We are getting a new furnace and a/c. The past 3 years we have had to have the a/c re-charged. Time for a new one. The furnace is 18 years old so we may as well do that also. The furnace wasn't due in till Thursday but they had the a/c on hand so they came and installed that. Good thing. We had temps in the 80's  and very humid weather Monday through Wednesday. We used that a/c and it was fabulous. Thursday morning we woke to 38 degrees and turned on the furnace to heat up the house before the guys came back to install the new furnace. They arrived about 9. We had 3 guys here working all day. We actually had a lot of fun. I had made a rhubarb cake in the morning. I gave them each some in the afternoon. It is a recipe from my grandma. I have never seen anyone else make this and it is always a hit. The guys loved it. Once the furnace was installed Eric came to check everything out and do readings to make sure it was putting out accurately. The guys told him about the cake so I gave him some also. ( I got a call the next day asking for the recipe. All 4 guys wanted it.) Randy came back the next day with a case of filters. This new furnace takes a 20x20x4 inch filter. According to the manufacturer of our Ruud furnace we only need to change the filter every 9-12 months unless we have pets. Then it should be changed every 6-9. We don;t have pets so with the case of filters they brought the new one in the furnace we have a 7 year supply!

I am working a new system of cutting and piecing for quilting. I love the system and made a small project to try my hand at it.
It finishes at 25x25. The coolest thing about this is the points come out perfect every time.

I love this system and will be testing out another project with it. Flying geese come out perfect. I love this.

Saturday was a big day for our grandson Alexander. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin and has a degree as an engineer in paper science. He did 2 internships in Rhinelaner, WI and last fall was offered a full time job after graduation. He will move into his apartment soon and join the working world on June 1.
He is in the middle of the picture looking at us.
We are very proud of him.
Granddaughter, Rachel will graduate from UW Milwaukee in December with a degree in Journalism. She got her Associate degree in one year from the UW Marathon campus in 2015 and then went on to Milwaukee.She will complete her college education in less than 3 years!!

I am loving my Juki machine. I finally got my hand speed and machine speed together and can stitch 10-12 stitches per inch!  Perfect! I still have quilting rulers from when I had my longarm machine. I have also played with them on the Juki also. This is going to be an awesome machine to work on and do quilting.

****I will never apologize to you, for YOU being untruthful.  My attitude is a result of your actions. If you don't like me, blame yourself!


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