Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Search

We have always had a cat. I love cats. After our last cat was put down I said I can't do this again. Now, I want a cat again. I am starting a search.
Until the  "purr"fect one finds me, I will enjoy Crookshank and Wiggles our grand kitties.

This past week has been busy running around getting errands done and shopping for things we need. This weekend our roof is being done on our second garage. One of the guys that works for our contractor needed a weekend project. He arrived on Friday afternoon about 2. By 8:00 that night he had one side done.

We started the coach this week, It has been sitting in it's spot for a year and 2 months. It started right up. We took it out for drive. Mel is doing the un-winterizing on it now. We hope in the next week or two to head up to visit friends in northern Minnesota. We have trips in the planning stage. An RV friend we haven't met yet and only know through FB is wanting a get together. She lives in Michigan. We will plan out a trip to meet up sometime this summer.

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend.
Till next time....Piece!

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